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1. What is a check-up with medical imaging?

Our check-up examinations are reliable, painless and non-invasive (no injection) procedures performed using medical imaging techniques only. Their purpose is to confirm the good health of the patient or to detect any disease not symptomatic yet.


2. What is the difference between a check-up with imaging and the annual medical examination?

The annual medical examination done by a general practitioner provides information on biological parameters (blood, urine, etc.) and can highlight infectious and/or inflammatory diseases. However, it does not always rule out the presence of other diseases (cancers, aneurysms, etc.) or even defines the origin of the disease with certainty. The use of medical imaging is essential to detect these pathologies.


3. Are check-ups with medical imaging covered by health insurance?

Check-ups are not covered by the base insurance in Switzerland. However, some additional insurance policies cover check-up costs. In the event that a disease is detected, the treatment of this disease will be covered by the base insurance in accordance with applicable legal provisions.


4. What is the procedure?

The check-up with medical imaging requires no specific preparation. A shirt is provided for the examination. When the check-up requires the use of an MRI, metal objects should not be worn and headphones will be provided for relaxation. Once the check-up is completed, the person is free to leave.


5. How quickly and in which format will I get my results?

After the check-up with medical imaging is done, you have the opportunity to speak with the doctor in charge of it. You also receive your check-up results on a electronic support. The complete analysis of your results takes time, this is why you will receive a secure email within 24 hours indicating if the examination is normal or if an abnormality is detected.


6. What happens if an abnormality is detected?

When an abnormality is found, it only means that further investigations should be done. In this event, contact your general practitioner or the medical partner who conducted the check-up.


7. Do I need to do a check-up with medical imaging regularly?

It is recommended to do a complete check-up with medical imaging every two to three years.


8. Do all partners provide the same check-ups?

Each type of check-up offers similar screening capabilities. Nevertheless, the specific screening techniques used may vary from one partner to another. For more information on medical devices and other technical aspects, please refer to the detailed decription of the check-ups on the FAQ webpage.


9. What are the criteria for the selection of our medical partners?

  1. Training of doctors.
  2. Medical equipment.
  3. Quick results.
  4. Reputation.


10. How can I pay?

A deposit is requested at the time of booking. You can pay it by credit card (Visa and Mastercard). The rest of the amout is to be paid directly to the partner when you do your check-up.


11. Can I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

It is possible to reschedule an appointment up to five working days before the initial appointment date. To do so, please directly contact the service partner by phone or email. There are no additional fees and the deposit need not be paid again. An appointment may be cancelled but the deposit will not be reimbursed. For more details, see General Terms and Conditions of NEVIER.


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